Van Huynh came to the US in 1991 as a political refugee. From the early days in the US, he got involved in community service and became the first president of Circle K Student Association at Broward Community College, a Kiwanis affiliations. Transferred to Houston 1994, he continued his education and graduated Bachelor of Arts in Finance & Economics – University of Houston in 1998.
He has been an Investment Advisor since 1999, a proud holder of Series 7 and Series 65 Securities Licenses. Since 2002, Van continued to get involved in community services. He served on the Advisory Board of The Asia Society of Texas, Southeast Asia Research Action Center in DC, was Executive Director of The Vietnamese Community of Houston & Vicinity.
In 2016, Van joined Council Member Steve Le to serve the City of Houston as Chief of Community Affaires and later got promoted to Chief of Staff for Houston City Councilmember District F.
Over the past 3 years, Van committed his time to listen to Constituents in District F and focus his time and effort to make District F stronger by fighting for:
Better Public Safety: reduces total crime rate, increase patrol to reduce robberies and burglaries especially summertime and holiday seasons. Van works closely with law enforcement divisions to monitor crime in District F, identity challenging issues and allocate resources to improve effectiveness with City limited resources. Van also promoted public safety townhall meetings and always address the importance of crime prevention and education.

Cleaner District: Van spends most of his time in district to listen to Neighborhood and partners with HPD Environmental Unit to enforce illegal dumping and heavy waste violations. He also collaborated with organizations and volunteers to clean some of the spots that has been chronic illegal dumping.

Better Flood Control: District F back in 2016 has been hit with a few major flood even with small rains. Van worked with neighbors, Harris County Flood Control District, and Houston Public Works to investigate the flooding issue in district F and constantly advocating for fundings to grubbing the Brays Bayou, the Keegan Bayou and several ditches through SWAT program. He also focus in cleaning and improving city street water drainage systems. Because of all of the maintenance, District F is the District with least flood damage during hurricane Harvey in 2017 and flood has greatly reduced.

Better streets: In the past 3 years, Van and his team has worked closely with Finance and Houston Public Works to fight for many good street improvement projects not only in major thoroughfares but also in subdivisions. By accepting input from constituents, he identified the true need and allocated resources to several panel replacements around the District.

Better traffic control: Speeding and traffic congestion in many subdivisions that have not resolved for many years. Van has worked closely with Traffic Control division to propose the use of Council District funds to match, support, and expedite the installation of speed cushions throughout District F.

Better Parks: During the City’s financial hardships, City Parks has been understaffed and provided limited resources. Van has worked closely with Park Department to support more staff, to supply more equipment, to better maintain and improve our parks in the District. Van and his team actively engaging in budgeting, design, and planning for the renovation of Alief Community Center. Van also actively working with Houston Park Board to improve bike trails throughout the District. Van also supports management district to improve green space and recreation for residents.
While achieving his goals serving Council Member District F’s office, there are more works need to accomplish. Van is looking for your support and your votes to continue to build District F stronger.
PO Box 420893
Houston, TX 77242
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